Hotspot: De Brandweerkantine – Maastricht

kantine 4
This cold and windy sunday was the perfect day to wander around at a little flea market and to check out one of the hotspots in Maastricht: De Brandweerkantine (‘the fire department cafeteria’). This former fire station has transformed into a bubbly and creative hotspot in Maastricht, where you can eat, drink, study, read the newspaper or anything else you like. From breakfast to dinner, and from families to students, the cafeteria has a very good atmosphere. The interior is really cool and industrial. Lamps with coloured strings, different chairs, wood, concrete, plants and tiles: what’s not to like? Besides eating and drinking, creative entrepeneurs can also rent studios to work on their business. I believe strongly in the positive vibes of a creative environment: it will definitely stimulate and inspire you, along with the other creative entrepeneurs around you. And last but not least: De Brandweerkantine also provides room for events, workshops, expositions, markets (like the flea market today) and so on.

Go check it out, I’m definitely going back soon for more positive vibes, food & pictures 😉



Photo credits: De Brandweerkantine

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