Bohemian bedrooms: sweet dreams guaranteed

Sigh…these bedrooms are so damn cosy and romantic, I wouldn’t leave the bed the whole day. The so called bohemian style is a very carefree, relaxed style. Bohemian rooms can be very crowded and busy, but I prefer a more peaceful room with nice touches. If you want a little more colour, add an expressive colour to one wall and mix and match it with the accesories. And remember: It’s all about the casual look, nothing has to be perfect, organized or straight. I like!

Ofcourse, most of us aren’t blessed with old wooden floors, brick walls and breathtaking ceilings, me neither. But you can still create that relaxing, yet colourful bohemian vibe. The ingredients:

  • Colourful blankets and pillows
  • Hanging blankets from the ceiling, above your bed
  • So many (different) carpets that you don’t even know anymore how your floor looks like
  • Plants, hanging plants, floorplants, plants plants plants!
  • Candles
  • Books (even if you don’t want to create a bohemian vibe, books are always a good idea)
  • Lights (yep, even the christmas tree lights will do)
  • Pictures and posters casually hanged on your wall, and if you own a dreamcatcher: add it to the mix, very pretty!
  • Are you going to buy a new bed? Get a low bed to create that ‘camping’ feeling: low to the ground. If you don’t own a low bed, recreate the feeling with lots of blankets that touch the ground.

I’m going to transform my bedroom very soon, I’ll keep you posted! Below: 11 x beautiful bohemian bedrooms

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1 & 2 Magical Thinking | 3 Marion House Book | 4 | 5 Curculio | 6 Unknown

| 7 Flickr | 8 – 11 Urban Outfitters


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