Urban jungle in Berlin

Do you know the feeling when you see hotelrooms and you think: hmm boring….they all look the same. Well. Luckily for us there are more and more modern hotels that don’t even feel like typical hotelrooms anymore. The Bikini Hotel in Berlin is a great example. I haven’t been there (yet), but my oh my, those pictures say enough. Not only the hotelrooms are very stylish, also the common rooms. The design is typical ‘urban jungle’. Lot’s of rough materials like concrete, steel and copper combined with plants and comfortable furniture. The tiles, wood and industrial lighting finish it off. And in this case you can even see some ‘wild’ animals…and by that I don’t mean the zoo which is located next to the hotel 😉

hotelkamer 3hotelbikini.berlin6-770x514hotelbikini.berlin7-770x514hotelbikini.berlin10-770x514hotelbikini.berlin-770x514 (1) hotelkamer 4 hotelkamer  hotelkmer 5  2175_7_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-Lobby-Kiosk_quer2323_8_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-Bikini-Island_klein2324_8_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-Bakery_klein25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-Microhouse-City-Meeting25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-NENI-Restaurant-Gewaechshaus_klein1208_9_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-BurgerdeVille-Exterior22326_8_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin-Monkey-Bar-Zooblick_klein3894_9_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin_Monkey_Bar_NENI_Farbe_klein13900_9_25hours_Hotel_Bikini_Berlin_Monkey_Bar_Farbe_klein6

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