Into the woods

I love everything about big cities and towns: the liveliness 24/7, all the cool places and spaces, the vibe, the little streets you can discover. But I’m also drawn to the magic of the woods. Animals, stories, fairytales…they are often to be found there. The woods are an inspiration to writers, designers, illustrators and so on. I wanted to create a little bit of that magic in the hallway of our house.

The hallway is often the first impression you get from a house. If you ask me, it should feel welcoming and inviting to make both residents and visitors feel at home.  I didn’t want to make the little hallway feel too crowded. I chose wallpaper with trees, but instead of covering the whole wall, we made columns. The wooden lamp was a DIY-project made of two scaffolding wood planks (‘steigerhout’). The lamp reminds me of the little lanterns that dwarfs carry in the fairytales. The colours in the hallway are very peacefull. I like the scandinavian look and feel.

And if you look close, you can find another DIY…yep, that’s right, the coat rack. Scroll down for the DIY tutorial.

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DIY: Coat Rack
The coat rack is easy to make. You need:

  • A stick
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Drilling machine
  • Two chains or ropes
  • Four hooks

You can go into the actual woods to search for a good stick, but you can also buy sticks at a garden store. Polish the stick with sandpaper. That way, you won’t get any wood flakes on the clothes you put on the rack. After that, you can choose to give the stick a colour with paint. I chose to paint it white, but be creative! If you want a red stick, you paint a red stick. You have to buy two chains or ropes or something like that to hang the stick to the ceiling. The length of the chains depends on the height that you want for the coat rack. Determine where you need to hang the chains, try it out with the length of the stick. Pin the chains to the ceiling with the little hooks and hang the sticks on the chains. Et voila, there you have your coat rack!


Where to buy?

  • The wallpaper is from Be Different, I bought it at
  • Little sidetable and mirror are from Xenos.
  • The light bulb is Ikea’s.
  • Rug from Kwantum.

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