Can we go thrift shopping?

Macklemore isn’t the only one going to the thrift shop, I love it! If you ever go there: you probably know what I mean. If you never go there: you would be surprised by the treasures you can find.

First time
If it’s your first time ever going to the thrift shop, I have some tips for you.

  • Don’t be scared. I know the amount of crap (oops did I say that out loud?) can be a little bit overwhelming. But if you go there with an open view, you can really find some goodies.
  • Have a goal. It really helps to have something specific in mind. Go to the thrift shop when you actually need something or if you are looking for something. Otherwise you probably see a hundred things you/your friend/your grandma/your friend’s grandma could use and then you don’t know where to look anymore.
  • If you really like something and it’s in your budget (which isn’t really difficult in a thrift shop): hurry up and buy, don’t hesitate ­čśë Because it’s all used stuff, there is usually one piece of each (or for example one set of 4 chairs). Sold is sold. The next day or even the next minute, it could be gone.
  • Go to the thrift shop regularly. Almost every day new stuff comes in.
  • Because there is a lot of stuff (and by a lot, I mean A LOT), treasures can be hidden behind piles of crap (oops I did it again). Sometimes you need to take something from the shelf and hold it in your hands. Try to imagine it in your own house (where it hopefully isn’t surrounded by so many other things).

Now you are prepared to go on a treasure hunt yourself. But first, let me show you some things I found & how to style them. Enjoy!

foto1 foto1a foto2I found this big flower pot and the little rug a while ago. Create a nice corner by combining them with a table and a chair. In most thrift shops I visited, the little rugs can be found in many different colours and sizes. Plus a thrift shop is a true valhalla for flower pots.

foto3 foto4This vase creates a ‘Delfts Blauw’ vibe in my living room. I don’t need a complete collection of it, but I really like it in combination with the rough concrete vases and the wooden table. The poor thing went through a lot obviously, so I’ve put some fake cotton balls in there. Real plants with water isn’t a good idea ­čśë

foto5I stumbled upon these two pillows (when I didn’t actually need them, so I broke my own rule). But I just couldn’t leave them behind. They were 1 euro each. And don’t worry, I washed them. They smell like rainbows and unicorns now.

foto6 foto7I was lucky to find these three little vases. I found two next to each other and the third one on the other side of the store, by accident. That’s why you have to keep your eyes wide open. The white/blue vase even has a very modern dip-dye effect. I personally think these vases are very cute to use in the spring or summer. Put them on the┬átable or on a shelf with some wild flowers. Or collect some cool illustrations and images you like, and put the vases in front of it.

foto8These tiles are very well represented too in most thrift shops. Combine them with other illustrations. And there you have it: a wall with just a little bit extra.

foto9foto10I found this cutie at the back of a shelf when I was searching for something to put tea in. The label on the back of the elephant says that it’s from Sri Lanka. I don’t use it for tea anymore, but as a bookholder.┬áfoto11 foto12 foto13Last but not least: this letter box (letterbak). It’s my latest addition and I’m very happy with it. I searched for this for a long time. When I found it, at least three people in the store said: wow, that’s a nice one haha! As you can see, it’s still a little bit empty. But I know exactly where to go to find some things I can put in there… ­čśë



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