About me

Welcome to Home Town! A stylish place on the web where I will keep you posted about interior design, places you have to visit, beautiful images, and all other things I see around me and would like to share with you. I love to surround myself with creativity. During my stay in Budapest (I got the chance to ‘study’ in this bubbling city for almost half a year), my love for interior design, especially the design of restaurants, cafes, shops and so on, became bigger and bigger. So after my studies Communications, I decided I wasn’t quite finished yet. So here I am, almost finishing my parttime studies Interior Design. I aspire to combine my knowledge of communications and interior design to create places, spaces and concepts that mean someting. Places where people can do what they have to do or just simply really like to spend their time. And in the meanwhile, I get inspirered by so many other designers and artists from all over the world. I can spend hours searching the world wide web for new designs, being creative with DIY-projects or just simply looking at beautiful things. And with this blog, I hope I can inspire you too, even if it’s just a little bit.

Below you can see me in my natural habitat. These pictures were taken at a very cool restaurant in Valencia with a kitchen-bus inside (or a bus-kitchen?) and where you are allowed to colour the walls and placemats with crayons. My smile says enough I guess 😉


Valencia 1